Prolyte Truss Systems

Prolyte was founded in 1991 and is the world leading manufacturer of hardware products and structural solutions for the entertainment industry. With more than 25 years of experience we are passionate about offering the best solutions for our customers. Making the basic building blocks of our industry; trussing, staging and hoists, we endeavor for product excellence and continuous product innovation.

By actively engaging in raising the level of knowledge and by providing solutions that work in daily practice, Prolyte looks to support the creativity of designers on the one hand and the safety of technicians on the other. By prioritising mutual respect and trust, Prolyte creates long-term relationships. When this all comes together, Prolyte is your first step to start building great things.

Prolyte Group is headquartered in Leek, the Netherlands, where the complex process of design, engineering and sales come together. Prolyte has a manufacturing base in Piatra Olt, Romania and two Asian offices; in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Tokyo, Japan. Prolyte has a strategically positioned warehouse in Emsdetten, Germany, to provide stock and logistic facilities in the heart of mainland Europe. Completing the team effort is a network of distribution partners who not only supply our products but also back them with approved customer service and technical support.


Truss products are the building blocks of our industry. Prolyte has developed a broad range of trusses and a unique system to connect them: the conical coupling system, CCS. Prolyte trusses are designed to make them suitable for a variety of applications, from a simple flown grid or exhibition booth to elaborate mother grids or support structures prepared for high loading.

ProlyteStructures encompasses truss series in different sizes and strengths, including straight lengths, corners and curves; all designed and manufactured according to a strict philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, standardization, ease-of-use, configuration flexibility and optimum safety.

Truss products are available in linear, triangular, square and rectangular sections with sizes 20/30/40/36/52/66/75/100/145, each section design and produced, depending on the application in various spaces and also your needs.

  • High resistance

    The most trusted Truss system in the market

  • Light weight

    Easy and fast Mantling and dismantling

  • Modular

    Multipurpose and adaptable

  • Variety in shapes and sizes

    Available in triangles, squares, and rectangles

Prolyte Circle Truss

Circular Truss

In addition to straight lengths, ProlyteStructures manufactures circular trusses, curved trusses and arcs. These trusses are manufactured with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit without distortion. Semi-automated welding jigs are used for production to ensure that all parts are identical. This guarantees that every segment of a circle truss can be mounted at any position or be replaced by a new part without affecting the integrity or overall shape of the circle truss.

Circular or curved trusses are manufactured in different diameters or degrees. When ordering a complete circular truss, the number of cuttings required (each segment requires one cut) must be indicated. Couplers do not have to be ordered separately, as they are included in the amount of cuttings ordered. A “cutting” divides the circle into segments. Individual segments cannot be longer than 5 metres. ProlyteStructures recommends segment lengths of between 3/4 meters, and an even number of segments. For further details in this regard, please refer to the Prolyte BlackBook, “Technical Matters”.

X30 truss is constructed of main tubes (51 x 2 mm) and diagonals (16 x 2 mm). Equipped with the CCS6 conical coupling system, the X30 truss is fast and easy to assemble. The X30 truss can be found in rental fleets all over the globe, where its low volume and flexible application possibilities makes it the ideal truss for exhibitions and low intensity rental jobs. X30 truss is available in ladder, triangular and square profiles and a range of corners and accessories. X30 truss circles are very measure steady and can be combined with any length or corner.


  • Fool proof assembly
  • Light weight construction
  • Arc sections can be replaced
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